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E-commerce Sites Development Based on CMS Prestashop

What is CMS Prestashop?

It is a content management system designed to create a catalog or online store that allows you to sell products and services online.


The application is written in PHP using the Symfony framework, Twig is used for writing templates, and MySQL for storing data.

Availability and flexibility

The script is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and has more than 310 standard functions for quickly creating a functional store.

Safety and resilience

PrestaShop is one of the best web applications for online shopping, the product has won the Best Open-source Business Application award multiple times.

System features

Adaptive design

Adaptive design

Convenient display on all devices
Excellent website speed

Excellent website speed

Good PageSpeed Insights score

Continuous software support

Timely script update
Choosing templates

Choosing templates

Easy and high-quality website design
Modular system

Modular system

Functionality depending on your needs
Integration with other services

Integration with other services

Built-in API and other connectivity

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Back office Front Office


We help our clients to present their product on the Internet with high quality by creating an online store or catalog, which undoubtedly meets today's business requirements - the availability of information about you and your products 24/7.

For a holistic understanding of the Internet e-commerce project, consider its constituent parts

Project management


The person in charge of everything. It is often the business owner who makes the main decisions, but there may also be another person from the company's staff who understands the purpose of the project well, manages the site development and support staff, sets tasks for contractors, and monitors the progress of their implementation.


The person in charge of business development. Conducts market research, looking for ways to attract and retain customers. Works to increase the attractiveness of products and create a positive image of the company. Makes suggestions for improving the site and optimizing advertising. This person is attracted as the company grows. It is important that he be on your team.

Technical department


The person in charge of the technical part of the store. Writes program code, adds new functionality, monitors the performance of the site, server, domain. This person should know your project in order to quickly respond to possible site errors or system failures.


The person in charge of the textual part of the site. Makes a description of the product, categories, manufacturers, blog, etc. Works in accordance with the task of an SEO specialist. This person is recruited out of necessity, maybe a freelancer.


The person in charge of how the site will look. Develops a site layout on the basis of which the layout is created, as well as graphic elements - icons, fonts, pictures. This person is involved when needed, maybe a freelancer.

Layout designer

The person in charge of the front of the site. Recreates the creativity of designers in the front office, with layout tools right/adding HTML, CSS. This person is involved when needed, maybe a freelancer.

Advertising department

It is important to monitor the effectiveness of any advertising product

Search Ads Specialist

The person responsible for setting up and performing advertising on search engines. This person is involved when needed.

SEO specialist

The person in charge of organic search engine promotion. This person is involved when needed.

SMM specialist

The person responsible for advertising and promoting the company in social networks. This person is involved when needed.


We cooperate as it is convenient for you! We carry out partial work with the site / server or provide full support for your project.


Our wonderful clients with whom we have had the pleasure to work!


Legal provisions that we use when performing work.


We provide software from Prestashop, which is free and licensed under an Open Source License (OSL). You can freely use the script according to your needs, without violating the current legislation of your country. Also, we may use products that may be copyrighted. In such a case, you must comply with the requirements of the Agreement accompanying this product. Payment for the service is a confirmation of the transaction between ShopTek and the Client.
These are our basic conditions for all projects and technical work. Certain projects may have their own specific terms and conditions that will supersede these published terms.
Termination of the project
In the event that an unfinished project is unexpectedly interrupted by a customer, ShopTek may charge money for the work already completed. Either party may terminate cooperation by immediately notifying the other party.
Liability for defects
ShopTek is not responsible for hardware or software damage caused by the use of products, which may include HTML pages, PDF files, images and scripts. ShopTek is not responsible for the loss of files due to software failures on the server. ShopTek does not guarantee that the software will be free of bugs or bugs.
Content copyright
The materials provided by ShopTek by the Client must be free copyright material or have permission to use them. The client assumes all responsibility for the materials used on his website.


Completed orders from ShopTek are final and non-refundable.


Collection of information
The information we collect (visit pages, products and other data) is used for internal inspection. Also, clients are entered into our database, who provided us with their phone numbers for order processing and can be deleted at the request of the client.
Use of cookies
The website may use cookies to record session information, work with the basket and adjust some parameters, such as language, authorization, etc.
Policy change
Subsequently, changes in the use of information for new, unforeseen purposes not described in our privacy policy are possible. If our information methods change, we will post the changes on
Change of information
The information on the website is for informational purposes only and can be changed at any time without any informational notice.
Changing and deleting personal information
Our clients can always request the deletion of their personal information. Personal information does not include reviews, ratings, all kinds of reviews and comments.